Although academics study food and foodways through numerous disciplines, relatively few scholars directly analyze or theorize public food sharing. To make such scholarship more accessible, will cite and link to relevant academic books, articles, essays, etc.

The (incomplete) lists below are undergoing reorganization but eventually will be organized chronologically (roughly in Blue Book citation style) and within a particular year, alphabetically by surname.

The first list cites articles that either center on, or feature substantial discussions of, the food-sharing cases—or controversies that bear substantial resemblance to them like the criminalization of loncheras and other taco trucks in Los Angeles.

The second cites articles, books, and reports about food justice, law, and policy.

The third cites articles, books, and reports about homelessness, hunger, poverty, and/or public space.

Food-Sharing Cases

Food Justice, Law & Policy

  • Ahmed Aoued, The Right to Food: The Significance of the United Nations Special Rapporteurin International Poverty Law: An Emerging Discourse, at 87 (Lucy A. Williams ed., 2006).
  • Andrea Freeman, Fast Food: Oppression through Poor Nutrition, 95 Cal. L. Rev 2221 (2007).
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  • Carmen G. Gonzalez, The Global Politics of Food: Introduction to the Theoretical Perspectives Cluster, 43 U. Miami Inter-Am. L. Rev. 75 (2011).
  • Cultivating Food Justice (Alison Hope Alkon & Julian Agyeman eds., 2011).
  • Kim Kessler & Emily Chen, Food Equity, Social Justice, and the Role of Law Schools: A Call to Action (Nov. 2015).

Homelessness, Poverty & Public Space

  • Jeremy Waldron, Homelessness and the Issue of Freedom, 39 UCLA L. Rev. 295 (1991).
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